New releases: Meshmoon Unity Plugin, Rocket and WebRocket

We have a lot of new stuff to go through. All of the releases are interconnected, supporting each others features and functionalities. Together they bring some interesting new dynamics to the Meshmoon platform. Here’s what’s new… Meshmoon Unity Plugin We have been working hard on a Meshmoon Unity plugin that can export your Unity scenes to Meshmoon. We are now ready to say 1.0 is ready and would like you to help us improve it. »

Meshmoon Rocket 2.5.4 released

It has been long in the works, but now it is finally here. We’ve had amazing help in testing the release candidates and nightly builds, thanks for everyone for participating. You can find the full changelog here I will write a highlight summary on what is new as the full list is quite extensive. I hope that artists find this blog post as this is a major release for content authoring in Meshmoon and again contains some big visual upgrades. »

Meshmoon Graphics Improvements

Responding to artists’ feedback Lately we have been focusing on improving our rendering quality. For a long time there has been a lot of demand from artists for better lighting, shadows, special terrain texturing and other rendering related features. We have always had these features available to some extent from the open source realXtend Tundra codebase, on what we build upon. But now we have decided to commit development efforts to really take Meshmoon graphics to the next level. »

Open Sourcing the Core of Meshmoon WebRocket

What is Meshmoon WebRocket WebRocket is our fully in-house developed web browser client for the Meshmoon platform that you can find and try out at our website. WebRocket originated from the need to implement a client that works in modern web browsers without any additional plugin installation (Flash etc.). This would make our platform more appealing to modern internet users and make the “3D internet” mantra to mean more that just operating on the internet: to actually operate in the web browser. »